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Written by Scott Evans   
Thursday, 29 December 2016 09:52

Tribute Quartet - Here For You


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Artist: Tribute Quartet
Project Title: Here For You
Label: Daywind
Producers: Wayne Haun

Several years ago, I became acquainted with a group called the Tribute Quartet.  Since that time, I have watched that group develop into one of the most talented traveling the roads today.  Their latest project is titled “Here For You” and it is probably the best yet from the Tribute Quartet.

The title cut starts things off and “Here For You” is a great way to start a project by reminding us that everything we need for life is right there for us in Jesus Christ, our Savior.  The next song on this project reminds the listen that we are never forsaken in the Lord.  It is a catchy tune coupled with great vocals and lyrics.  “Somebody Sing Me That Song” is a beautiful melody that talks of the struggles of this earth but it reminds us of our ultimate destination of Heaven.  A great song from the pens of Lee Black and Sue C. Smith reminding us that sometimes we just need to hear that song about Heaven to give us hope!  I am sure that most of you, at one time in your life, has been the “prodigal.”  I have wandered off the narrow road a time or two in my life and it is always amazing to me that God is waiting for me to come back home.  Tribute Quartet sings a beautiful song about that titled “When The Prodigal Comes Home” next.

The Tribute Quartet is a male quartet and a fantastic quartet song is next with “Meeting In The Middle Of The Air.”  The message is a great one too as it reminds us that one day we will be called to Heaven and we will have the meeting in the middle of the air!  We serve a mighty big God and He is control of our lives no matter what we are facing in life.  The next song on the project is “God Of The Storms” and I love the beautiful message in this song.  Next up is an upbeat song titled “Everybody Come See Jesus.”  It is a bit unique in style compared to the other songs on this project but it is a good song and an enjoyable one as well.

“That’s How I Know” is another terrific quartet song that talks about that “thing” we feel down in our heart is how we know that our God is real!  There have been a lot of songs written about God’s Grace and, as a recipient of that grace, I never tire of hearing them.  Group owner Gary Castro and Barbara Ann Huffman wrote an outstanding one with “Grace At It’s Best.”  “Jesus Saves” is the next song on this project and there are literally dozens of songs by this title but this is the old Hoppers song and Tribute Quartet does an amazing version of it!  The project ends with a beautiful ballad titled “Nothing Stops The Savior’s Love.”  This is a beautiful song with a beautiful message about the Savior’s love and the fact that no matter what we do in life, absolutely nothing can stop the Savior’s love from getting to us.

The Tribute Quartet has solidly taken their place alongside the better quartets of today.  The group has a solid, quality sound, wonderful harmonies, a beautiful collection of songs and great production from the folks at Daywind.  My favorite songs from this project are “Never Forsaken,” “Somebody Sing Me That Song” and “Grace At It’s Best.”  The Tribute Quartet has an amazing project here and if you do not have it yet, you should make every effort to get it.  For more information on the Tribute Quartet visit their website at

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