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Written by Scott Evans   
Monday, 14 January 2019 00:00


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Artist: Chronicle
Project Title: Where Did The Wind Go
Label: Independent
Producers: Ricky Atkinson

It seems that I have gotten way behind on my reviews on the music of Chronicle!  I have been familiar with the music of Tim and Missy Kinchen for a number of years now and I have always come to expect some great music from them.  One of their more recent projects is titled “Where Did The Wind Go” and like many projects before, this one is chocked full of wonderful songs that will delight the listener for years to come.

The project kicks off with an up-tempo song titled “Everybody Ought To Praise His Name.”  What a great start to a project!  With the upbeat tempo and the upbeat message, it is a perfect start to a project!  If you want to get my attention on a project, just record an old Cathedrals song!  Chronicle did just that and they picked one of my all-time favorites with “Land Of Living.”  They do a great job on this classic that celebrates that day we cross over to Heaven.  Next on the project is the beautiful ballad that is the title song of the project.  “Where Did The Wind Go” is a beautiful song reminding us that Jesus is the only one who can calm the winds and storms of life.

The tempo picks up a bit again on “Just In Case.”  What a great message reminding the listener that Jesus is always there and waiting just in case we want to turn to Him.  I love this message and this song.  “I Will Remember” is one of those songs that goes straight to the heart.  If you are saved, you have had a time in your life when you came to Christ and He forgave us of your sins.  What a great song to take you back to that day.  One of my favorite subjects for songs is Heaven!  Next on this project is a song called “I’ll See Him” and it reminds us that one day our journey on this earth will end and we will see our Savior some sweet day!  “I’ll Drop My Anchor” is next on the project and it is another song that speaks of Heaven and leaving our sorrows behind and dropping our anchor in Heaven!  I for one cannot wait!!!!

We live in a time when it seems like the world wants to challenge the Christian values and beliefs and it makes it sometimes causes us to doubt the Words of God.  However, we know and the song “Every Word Is True” reminds us, that the Words of God are true and He keeps every promise.  This is also the current radio single from Chronicle!  “Jesus Proved His Love” is a beautiful song reminding us that when Jesus went to Calvary, He proved His love for His Children.  It is a beautiful song and message.  The project ends with the song “Just In Time.”  The song reminds us that God is always there to “find” us just in time!

Chronicle has a terrific project here and I enjoyed every single song.  The project has a nice variety of style and subjects and it is a project that the listener will enjoy every time they hear it.  The songs all have strong messages and will be used by God to bless many people! My favorite songs from the project are; “Everybody Ought To Praise His Name,” “Just In Case” and “Every Word Of God Is True.”  The project is another winner from Tim and Missy!  We always look forward to new music from Chronicle and this project does not disappoint in any way.  We recommend that you get your copy today!  For more information on Chronicle, visit their website at

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