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Final Harvest
Final Harvest is a ladies trio based in Rochester, NY and they still have dates available for 2017!!!! The message of Final Harvest: God will send to His Church an unquenchable fire. The wind of the Holy Spirit will cause it to burn hotter than on the day of Pentecost, and spread rapidly. It will spread with fury and devour all that is not holy. Then He will send the latter rain, wash away the dross, refresh and make new. The Glory of the Lord will be seen by the entire world and manifested through His Church. There begins the end time harvest.
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WVSG Radio is an Online Southern Gospel Radio Station playing some of the very best in Southern Gospel Music! Click your way over there and begin enjoying the music today!
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Praise Radio is an online radio station out of Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. It is owned and operated Byron Fester. The station plays the very finest in Gospel Music, all done to the Glory of God!
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Canton Junction - Every Hallelujah PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Evans   
Friday, 01 July 2016 19:21

Canton Junction - Every Hallelujah


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Artist: Canton Junction
Project Title: Every Hallelujah
Label: Difference Media
Producers: Garry Jones

If you know me at all you know that I am a huge fan of male quartet music. That style of music is what I grew up on and, while I now enjoy all types of Southern Gospel Music, male quartet music is still among my favorites. There are many fine quartets that are travelling and singing today but one of the very best is Canton Junction. Canton Junction’s current members are Matthew Hagee, Tim Duncan, Ryan Seaton and Casey Rivers. Their latest project is tilled “Every Hallelujah” and it includes thirteen songs that are done in a fine quartet style that all will enjoy!

The project begins with “God’s Got A Better Plan.” This song has an amazing message that reminds us that God’s ways are far greater than ours and that His plan is far superior to anything we can plan. We, as humans, tend to make our own plans but when they fail, we can rest assured that God will be there with a greater plan. Next on the project we find a song titled “Tumbling Down.” This song is an upbeat tune that will captivate the listener as it reminds us that God can make the walls in our lives come tumbling down. I love songs that are about Bible Stories and “It Wasn’t Raining” is a great one about Noah. I love how the bridge of the song brings the message of that story into modern times. One of the all-time great song ever written in Southern Gospel Music is the great Ronnie Hinson and Mike Payne song, “When He Was On The Cross.” Canton Junction has an awesome version of this song and I never tire of hearing the incredible message of how God died for me and thought of me when He was on the Cross.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 July 2016 16:24
Bowling Family - Moments Like These PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Evans   
Friday, 01 July 2016 19:18

Bowling Family - Moments Like These


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Artist: Bowling Family
Project Title: Moments Like These
Label: Daywind
Producers: Mike Bowling

Family groups are pretty standard in Southern Gospel Music. There are have been many iconic family groups over the years including the likes of the Speer Family, the LeFevres, the Lesters and countless more. In the current era we find names like the Hoppers, the Nelons and the Crabb Family. This ministry grew out of the Crabb Family and it seems that the Bowling Family is poised to take their place amongst the previously listed names. Mike Bowling has enjoyed a highly successful solo career for a number of years and previously spent time with several high-profile groups and his wife, Kelly, sang for a number of years with the highly acclaimed Crabb Family and continues to do select dates with the family. The final member of the group is Mike and Kelly’s daughter, Hope, a young lady who appears to have a bright future in Southern Gospel Music. Their latest project is titled “Moments Like These.”

The project begins with “Praise God He Is Alive.” This upbeat song is absolutely incredible! The song proclaims that God has risen from the dead and He is still alive today! A great truth for sure and the very reason that we can claim our salvation! “One Glorious Moment Of Faith” is the next song on the project and this song reminds us of what an incredible transformation and victory can come in one moment of faith. Next on the project we find a beautiful ballad titled “I Was There.” What a beautiful sentiment in this song that God is always there in all of our life circumstances. I love the line in the chorus that says “when a road comes to an end, I’m where you start again.” What a great thought and truth!

Last Updated on Tuesday, 05 July 2016 10:36
Paul Lancaster - My Tribute; The Classic Songs of Andrae Crouch PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Evans   
Friday, 01 July 2016 19:14

Paul Lancaster - My Tribute


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Artist: Paul Lancaster
Project Title: My Tribute; The Classic Songs of Andrae Crouch
Label: Daywind
Producers: Tyrone Dickerson

Southern Gospel Music would not be much without the songwriters. Of course, without the songwriters, there would be nothing for the singers to sing. Southern Gospel has been blessed with many prolific writers over the years. Writers like Bill and Gloria Gaither, Dottie Rambo, Albert Brumley, Stuart Hamblen and many others have been well chronicled in the archives of Southern Gospel Music. Another writer who made significant contributions to the industry is Andrae Crouch. Recently, Booth Brothers vocalist, Paul Lancaster recorded a project that is a tribute to this great songwriter.

The project starts out with the lively “I’ve Got Confidence.” I have always loved this song that reminds that no matter what comes our way that we do not need to worry because we can confidence that God is going to see us through our difficulties. One of my favorite songs written by Andrae Crouch is “The Blood Will Never Lose Its Power.” This powerful song about the Blood of Christ is an amazing reminder about the power in the Blood of Jesus and there is no doubt that the power of the Blood will never diminish of be lost! “My Tribute” has been recorded by a number of artists over the years and I love that song. What a glorious song of thanks to Jesus Christ for everything that He has done for us and while we could never express it fully in our own words, this song does as good of a job as I have ever heard of doing so.

Last Updated on Monday, 04 July 2016 20:54
Brian Free and Assurance - Live Like We're Redeemed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Evans   
Friday, 01 July 2016 19:10

Brian Free and Assurance - Live Like We're Redeemed


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Artist: Brian Free and Assurance
Project Title: Live Like We're Redeemed
Label: Daywind
Producers: Ricky Free

There are certain names in Southern Gospel Music that you just automatically associate with quality. Brian Free is one of those names. Of course, most of us remember him with Gold City and the many great songs from them. Since his Gold City days, Brian has travelled as a soloist and then started Brian Free and Assurance. This male trio has a great sound and this project, titled “Live Like We’re Redeemed” is a good one that will be enjoyed my many.

The project begins with “Somebody’s Miracle” and this song has a message that reminds us that sometimes it us who is someone’s answer to prayer or someone’s miracle. We must always remember to allow God to work through us. Next on the project is “That’s Just What Grace Does” and this beautiful song talks about the changing power of God’s Grace. It is a great song that is a big encouragement. “The Measure Of A Man” is next on the project and this song proclaims that the measure of a man is what is in the heart and not what you see on the outside.

Last Updated on Monday, 04 July 2016 19:27
Talleys - After All This Time PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Evans   
Friday, 01 July 2016 18:52

Talleys - After All This Time


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Artist: Talleys
Project Title: After All This Time
Label: Crossroads
Producers: Roger Talley, Lauren Talley

The Talley name has been associated with Southern Gospel Music in parts of the past five decades. The first time I heard the name was in 1979 when, as a young teenager, I went to hear the Cathedrals. They had a new tenor singer named Kirk Talley. Kirk would stay there for about four years and then he would leave to join his brother Roger and Roger’s wife, Debra to form the Talleys. That group found a lot of success in Southern Gospel Music and that legacy continues today. Roger and Debra are still members of the Talleys and they are now joined by their daughter, Lauren.
Their latest project is titled “After All This Time.”

The project kicks off with the title cut. “After All This Time” proclaims that God has been nothing but faithful and we are grateful for God’s faithfulness over all of the years we have known Him. “There Is Coming Day” is a wonderful reminder of the fact that there is coming a day when the Lord will return to take His Children home to Heaven. The tempo picks up tremendously with “There’s Never Been A Mountain.” What a great song reminding us that there is no mountain out there that God cannot move! There are so many songs in Southern Gospel Music about God’s Grace and I never tire of songs about that subject. The Talleys have another good one with “This Thing Called Grace.”

Last Updated on Sunday, 03 July 2016 19:13
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