Alan Brewster Returns To Southern Sounds Print
Wednesday, 06 November 2013 21:21

Alan brewsterSouthern Sound Quartet, Nashville, TN would like to announce that Alan Brewster has reunited with Southern Sound to become the group's bass singer once again. When Alan left the group back in late 2010 to attend to his business in Georgia, we struggled to find a bass singer with the same talent level and dedication to Christ. Although Alan remained a board member of the group during his absence, he was of course not a regular touring member during these last three years. We have had many promoters, pastors and friends ask about Alan, and now he is back and we could not be more pleased. Alan brings far more than his rich and talented voice. He also brings a wealth of business background, a firm commitment to Christ, and a friendly demeanor that everyone loves. Alan and his wife Pam have always been a part of our group. They are family and always will be. Won't you help us welcome Alan and Pam Brewster back to Southern Sound Quartet. Alan replaces Michael J from Branson, MO. Michael had been traveling 8 hours each way to reach the bus, and had recently become very involved with the music scene in Branson. We of Southern Sound would like to thank Michael for his dedication, loyalty and talent. He will be missed and we wish him all the best. Welcome Alan!