Dubbelds Release Second Childrens Missionary Book Print
Thursday, 28 November 2013 06:22

Dubuld BookThe Mark Dubbeld Family is pleased to announce the release of the second childrens missionary book written by Janene Dubbeld, entitled, “Adventure with Jesus”. This is the true account of Mary Esther Hermiz, who gave her life in missionary service.

With the support of CCCU Missions, World Gospel Mission, Franklin Graham of Samaritan’s Purse, and many others, Mary Esther was privileged to begin the School of Nursing for the Tenwik Hospital in Tenwik, East Africa.

Mark Dubbeld states “ We are proud to be able to introduce a children’s book that will encourage children to become involved in the Great Commission. We believe many families will be blessed by the release of this children’s book of a modern day missionary.”

The Mark Dubbeld Family has a song to sing, a word to write, and a call to answer. While a majority of their writing is composing music, Janene Dubbeld has a passion to see children and young people exposed to what she calls, “true heroes.” She says: “With so many other influences in our world today, it is important to be sure our children are exposed to examples of those who give all for Jesus. Mary Esther Hermiz is certainly a wonderful example.” To order the book just in time for Christmas go to www.mjdubbeld.com .

Janene Dubbeld also writes a monthly article as well as a weekly devotion for AbsolutelyGospel.com.

You can learn more about the Mark Dubbeld Family at http://www.mjdubbeld.com or https://www.facebook.com/MarkDubbeldFamily .

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