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Written by Scott Evans   
Saturday, 07 September 2013 19:49

Scott's Thoughts

This is going to be a short article compared to most of the articles that I post here but I feel as though I need to share this with you!  Have you ever had someone do something to you and then assumed you knew the motives and story behind it?  Have you then cut off all communications with that person, never knowing what the story was?

Well, I am guilty of that and today I was reminded why that is so bad!  Several years ago I had a close friend who I entered into a business arrangement with.  We were excited about the arrangement and we just knew that we had a tremendous opportunity that was potentially quite profitable!  Well, to make a long story short, this person did something that I deemed to be horrendous and I immediately dissolved the partnership and I never spoke to this individual again.  I assumed the worst and, after all, I felt I had the right to do so!  I did not know why this person did what they did or what their motives were and frankly, I did not care. What really agitated me was that this person went on to be really successful with the business idea that we had.  

However, today this person called me!  Now, I must admit that I was more than shocked to hear them on the other end of the phone and I almost just hung up on them.  However, I am not the same person I was all of those years either and I have made more than my fair share of mistakes so I listened.  This person told me the entire story of what happened and boy was I off base with my assumptions!!!  While they admitted what they did was wrong, their motives were not nearly as bad or evil as I assumed and I felt terrible that I never bothered to find out what the real story was.

So, my friends, let me encourage you, if someone has done something to you, please take the time to hear “their side of the story.”  They may not deserve it but I can promise you that it will put your mind ease and it will help close that chapter of your life.  Just do not wait 10 years like I did!!

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