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Skyline Boys -- Free & Forgiven PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Evans   
Tuesday, 18 November 2008 20:28

Skyline Boys -- Free & ForgivenArtist: Skyline Boys

Project Title: Free & Forgiven

Label: Crossroads

Producer: Jeff Collins


Purchase this project at:


I am somewhat familiar with the Skyline Boys music over the years.  The quartet makes their home in Virginia and has been singing for several years.  This is the their latest project and you will likely enjoy it.


The project begins with a fast paced quartet song titled "Movin' Out Of Here."  It's a great song about moving on to Heaven.  "Heaven Is Real" is a wonderfully crafted song proclaiming that Heaven is real and we can't wait to get there.  The next song on the project is "Oh What A Change."  The song talks about the change that God makes in us when He comes into our lives.


The next song is a Southern Gospel classic titled "Look For Me."  The song is a beautiful song about the we arrive in Heaven.  "I Can't Wait For Heaven" is another good quartet song talking about the fact that we can't wait to get to Heaven.  "Mercy River" was written by one of my all time favorite writers.  Sheldon Mencer is an awesome writer and this is a great song about God's Mercy!  The next song is "Glory To God In The Highest."  I first heard that song sung by the Booth Brothers.  It was also recorded by Brian Free & Assurance, the Old Friends Quartet and others.  You can now add the Skyline Boys to that list of groups!


"Don't Drink The Water" is a rather unique name for a song.  It's a play on words telling you not to drink the water if you don't want to live forever!  "Joy For The Journey" is a song about the joy we find in the Christian life journey.  "The Blood On My Hands" is a song reminding us of the power of God's Blood.  The final cut on the project is a reprise of "Oh What A Change."


The Skyline Boys are a male quartet that has a good project here.  The song selection is a good one and Jeff Collins is one of the best producers in the business.  My favorite songs from the project are "Mercy River," "Joy For The Journey" and "Look For Me."  The project should please the Skyline Boys Quartet fans and it will bless anyone who hears it.  For more information on the group, visit

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