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Great American Gospel Now Airing On Daystar PDF Print E-mail
Tuesday, 03 August 2010 18:57

On Saturday evening, July 3rd, one the world's largest Christian networks began featuring the new television show Great American Gospel, a 30-minute weekly show hosted by Gospel Music legend, Ed O' Neal.  Airing in prime time at 8:00 PM EST, the show debuted in the Saturday evening prime-time for the large Christian network and was followed by popular television evangelist, Joel Osteen.  This will bring enormous exposure for the show with the telecast reaching over 525 million households in the United States and in over 200 nations around the world. 

Great American Gospel won top honors at the National Religious Broadcasters National Television Showcase in Nashville, Tennessee this past March and since receiving the award, has garnered prime time programming with several prominent Christian networks and over 150 television stations across America. The show has also recently debuted with the NRB Network and Cornerstone TV, and will also debut this month with the TCT Network, which reaches over 125 million households worldwide in over 170 nations. 

The program features a traditional Gospel music format, similar to the legendary Gospel Singing Jubilee, a program that became very popular in the 1960's and 1970's.  It will also showcase several of the great artists who performed on the Jubilee stage.  Coincidentally, this Southern Gospel style of music is the same music that inspired Elvis Presley growing up as a young teenage boy in Memphis, Tennessee.  He  would refer to it as his favorite style of music.  The Blackwood Brothers and Stamps Quartet, who inspired Elvis as a boy and who would become his close friends and later record and perform with him on stage, will soon be gracing the stage for Great American Gospel as well.

Already, several legendary groups such as the Dixie Melody Boys, Chuck Wagon Gang, Florida Boys, and Dixie Echoes, are now featured as regular guests on the show. Bluegrass music will also share the stage as the highly popular Primitive Quartet will perform on a regular basis.  Commitments to appear on the the program have also come from the Dove Brothers, Jerry Goff and Little Jan, Brian Free and Assurance, Booth Brothers, Quinton Mills, Lulu Roman, and several other major guests.  The show will also be committed to showcasing new and exciting artists who are also making an impact in Gospel music.

Host, Ed O' Neal stated. "We are truly dedicated to raising the standard of Gospel music with this television program and hope and pray that the wonderful message in song will touch and inspire many hearts and souls watching all across the world."    A new web page for Great American Gospel is being launched in the coming weeks for artists and music fans to visit and check out news, updates, and television schedules where the program is being aired.

For more information contact Great American Gospel at 912 858-3520.

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