SG Music Forum Project Reviews

Artist: Southland Quartet

Project Title: In Concert

Label: Grapevine Records

Producer: Robbie Hiner, Nick Bruno

Reviewed By: Abigail Wingate


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The Southland Quartet has released a new project titled "In Concert."  The project has eleven songs that will please the listener.  While the title sounds like a live recording, I don't believe that it is.

"Alpha And Omega" is the first song and it's a very good song.  "Jesus Heard My Prayer" is the next song and this song written by Allen Layton is a great song celebrating answered prayer!  The next song is simply titled "Quartet Singing" and it's a great celebration of quartet singing and the song asks if there will be any quartet singing in Heaven.  This song seems to think so!  "Old Wooden Chair" is the next song on the project.

"Going Home" is the next song and while this is not the song that is well know, this is a very good song about going home to Heaven.  The next song needs no introduction as the Southland Quartet tackles the Mosie Lister song "Goodbye World Goodbye."  Great job on that song.  "You Won't Be Alone Anymore" slows the pace considerably and this beautiful holds a beautiful message about how if you have Jesus in your life, you will not be alone anymore.

"I'm Getting Ready To Go" is another song about moving on to Heaven and I really enjoy these types of songs.  "Tell It Again" is a great song reminding us to tell that great story of how Jesus died for us over and over again.  "Hold On My Child" is a song of encouragement that reminds us that we if we just hold on to God, we are almost home!  The final song is a great rendition of "Oldtime Religion."  I have not heard that song for quite some time and I enjoyed hearing it again.

I enjoyed the music of the Southland Quartet.  The group has a unique but pleasant sound and you will enjoy it.  The production on the project is very good and the songs are chosen very well.  My favorite songs from this project would have to be "Jesus Heard My Prayer," "Quartet Singing" and "Tell It Again."  This project is a winner!  For more information visit