SG Music Forum Project Reviews

Artist: TJ Clews

Project Title: Redeemed

Label: Independent

Producer: Chuck Day

Reviewed By: Scott Evans


Purchase this project by calling 208-644-1480

TJ Clews is a Gospel Music soloist that sings a style that is a cross between Southern Gospel Music and Christian Country Music.  She is also a songwriter and all ten songs from her most recent project were written by her.

"Jesus Set Me Free" is the first song on the project and it reminds us that Christ set us free when He dies on Calvary.  "Praise Your Holy Name" and is a great song of praise and worship.  "O Lord Fill Me" is the next song on the projects and asks the Lord to speak to us and to fill us with His Spirit and Power.

"Your Word Your Love" is a very strong song about the Love of God.  "Given" picks up the tempo a bit and this enjoyable song and tune reminds that Jesus gives us a new song.  "Come To Calvary" is another very good song that pleads with the sinner to come to Christ and change their life forever.  "It's Time To Worship Him" is another upbeat song and another praise and worship song.

"Because Of Who You Are" reminds us of the power and life that Christ gives us because of His power.  "You Are Chosen" is a good song about Christ choosing each and every one of us.  The final song on the project is "Thank You For Loving Me" and it's a good song thanking God for everything He has done for us.

TJ Clews is a talented lady both in singing and songwriting ability.  She has recorded a very good project of original songs that will bless the listener.  My favorite songs from the project are "Given," "Jesus Set Me Free" and "O Lord Fill Me."