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Final Harvest
Final Harvest is a ladies trio based in Rochester, NY and they still have dates available for 2017!!!! The message of Final Harvest: God will send to His Church an unquenchable fire. The wind of the Holy Spirit will cause it to burn hotter than on the day of Pentecost, and spread rapidly. It will spread with fury and devour all that is not holy. Then He will send the latter rain, wash away the dross, refresh and make new. The Glory of the Lord will be seen by the entire world and manifested through His Church. There begins the end time harvest.
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WVSG Radio is an Online Southern Gospel Radio Station playing some of the very best in Southern Gospel Music! Click your way over there and begin enjoying the music today!
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Praise Radio is an online radio station out of Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. It is owned and operated Byron Fester. The station plays the very finest in Gospel Music, all done to the Glory of God!
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Chronicle -- Sunday Morning Red Back Hymnal PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 January 2019 07:04


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Artist: Chronicle
Project Title: Sunday Morning Red Back Hymnal
Label: Independent
Producers: Ricky Atkinson, Danny Crawford and Tim Kinchen

I always love it when an artist goes back and records songs from the old hymn books!  Chronicle’s latest project includes ten songs from the Redback Hymnal, and they have appropriately titled the project “Sunday Morning Redback Hymnal.” Most of these songs are songs that I grew up singing in church and, if you grew up in church, you likely did too!  Chronicle has some great arrangements on these songs, and you will really enjoy hearing these hymns again!

When it comes to classic, up-beat songs out of the hymnal, there are probably very few, if any, that are as well known at “The Old Gospel Ship.”  Tim and Missy Kinchen, who make up Chronicle, do an excellent job singing this incredible song and it is a rousing start to this project.  “Don’t Let Me Walk Too Far From Calvary” is a beautiful song that I honestly am not real familiar with.  I love the song though and the message to constantly be reminded of the sacrifice that Jesus made on Calvary that day.  There is no one that is a greater friend than Jesus and the old hymn “No Not One” does a tremendous job reminding us of that!  This upbeat version on this project is awesome too!

Certainly, one of the most well-known songs anywhere is “Amazing Grace.”  It is one of the first songs that I ever remember hearing in church and Chronicle has included the song next on this project.  “City Of Gold” is one of those songs that gets up and goes!  I have always loved this song but have not heard it in quite some time.  I enjoyed this version a lot.  A song that brings back a lot of memories for me is “Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus.”  It was a favorite song of my mom’s and I can remember her requesting it often in church.  It is a beautiful message and melody and a song that I will always love.  Another of the classic songs on this project is “Sweet By And By.”  It is a very familiar song that is a favorite of many.

Last Updated on Monday, 14 January 2019 18:25
Brothers In Grace -- Sing The Mighty Power PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 January 2019 07:04


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Artist: Brothers In Grace
Project Title: Sing The Mighty Power
Label: Independent
Producers: Danny Funderburk

Several years ago, when I lived in the Lancaster, PA area, I became familiar with the Gospel Group, Brothers In Grace.  Over the years I spent in that area I got to know the group and its members, and I watched the group evolve into a very solid male quartet.  I have reviewed several of their projects in this space over the years and I always look forward to receiving new music from them!  Their latest effort is titled “Singing The Mighty Power” and it is another good one from Brothers In Grace.

The project begins with a rousing a cappella version of “I Sing The Mighty Power Of God.”  I always enjoy a good a cappella song and this one is great!  A quartet classic is next on the project as the guys tackle “The Old Country Church.”  Brothers In Grace does a nice job singing this song written by the late J. D. Sumner.  This project is heavy on songs that were previously recorded by the Cathedral Quartet and that is fine by me. “An Old Convention Song” is one of those songs and you will enjoy this version as the song takes us back to those old days of Singing Conventions.  The next song on the project is “He Sought Me Again” and it is a beautiful song reminding us that God is always nearby even when we stumble, and He is always ready to extend His Mercy and Grace and to forgive us again.

“Step Into The Water” is probably the biggest song that the Cathedrals ever recorded and a number of other groups have also recorded this song over the years.  Brothers In Grace has included their version on this project and you will enjoy it!  It is also one of four songs that is recorded with Bobby Gernert.  “I Still Get A Feeling” continues with the up-tempo songs and what a celebration of the fact that it won’t be long before Jesus calls us home!  “I Thirst” is another of the former Cathedral songs on this project and the guys do a nice job singing this beautiful melody.  Another song that might be labeled a modern classic is next with “My Name Is Lazarus.”  The song has always been one of the more unique songs in Gospel Music and has one of the very best messages that I have ever heard.  The guys do a nice job communicating this song and you will enjoy it quite a lot!

Last Updated on Monday, 14 January 2019 15:08
Chronicle -- Where Did The Wind Go PDF Print E-mail
Monday, 14 January 2019 00:00


Click Above To Hear A Sample

Artist: Chronicle
Project Title: Where Did The Wind Go
Label: Independent
Producers: Ricky Atkinson

It seems that I have gotten way behind on my reviews on the music of Chronicle!  I have been familiar with the music of Tim and Missy Kinchen for a number of years now and I have always come to expect some great music from them.  One of their more recent projects is titled “Where Did The Wind Go” and like many projects before, this one is chocked full of wonderful songs that will delight the listener for years to come.

The project kicks off with an up-tempo song titled “Everybody Ought To Praise His Name.”  What a great start to a project!  With the upbeat tempo and the upbeat message, it is a perfect start to a project!  If you want to get my attention on a project, just record an old Cathedrals song!  Chronicle did just that and they picked one of my all-time favorites with “Land Of Living.”  They do a great job on this classic that celebrates that day we cross over to Heaven.  Next on the project is the beautiful ballad that is the title song of the project.  “Where Did The Wind Go” is a beautiful song reminding us that Jesus is the only one who can calm the winds and storms of life.

The tempo picks up a bit again on “Just In Case.”  What a great message reminding the listener that Jesus is always there and waiting just in case we want to turn to Him.  I love this message and this song.  “I Will Remember” is one of those songs that goes straight to the heart.  If you are saved, you have had a time in your life when you came to Christ and He forgave us of your sins.  What a great song to take you back to that day.  One of my favorite subjects for songs is Heaven!  Next on this project is a song called “I’ll See Him” and it reminds us that one day our journey on this earth will end and we will see our Savior some sweet day!  “I’ll Drop My Anchor” is next on the project and it is another song that speaks of Heaven and leaving our sorrows behind and dropping our anchor in Heaven!  I for one cannot wait!!!!

Last Updated on Monday, 14 January 2019 13:42
A New Beginning - Our Journey Together PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 December 2016 09:53

A New Beginning - Our Journey Together


Click Above To Hear A Sample

Artist: A New Beginning
Project Title: Our Journey Together
Label: Independent
Producers: Debbie and Barry Shirk and Carl Smoker

Lititz, PA is where I first met Barry Shirk.  I do not remember the specific day but it was likely for lunch and without doubt was the start of a lifelong friendship.  That was a lot of years ago now and since that time I have moved to New York State and Barry has moved to New Hampshire.  However, while we may not see each other as often as we once did or would like to, our friendship remains.  Barry has spent most of his life in Southern Gospel Music and he and his wife, Debbie, are embarking on a new journey in music.  They have appropriately called their new ministry, A New Beginning.  It is a New Beginning for both Barry and Debbie and they have just released their debut project titled “Our Journey Together.”

The project begins with a song titled “Gentle Shepherd.”  That is a popular Bill and Gloria Gaither song, however this is a song written by Ann Ballard.  The song reminds us of the fact we find a very special love and refuge in the arms of our Shepherd.  I grew up listening to a lot of different groups in Southern Gospel Music and the Hemphills were one of my favorites.  One of their hit songs was “Master Of The Wind” and A New Beginning does a great job bringing that song back. “New Day Dawning” is an outstanding song that reminds the listener that we are heading towards Heaven and I sure do hope that you too are getting ready for that day!

One of the most well-known songs in Southern Gospel Music is “God On The Mountain.”  This song is one of the great songs of encouragement ever written and I always enjoy hearing it again.  Barry and Debbie do a nice job singing this classic song.  Another Joel Hemphill song is next as A New Beginning sings “I Claim The Blood.”  What a great message in this song about the power of the Blood of Jesus Christ!  One thing I have learned in my more than forty years as a Christian is that I need Jesus more and more.  The song “I Need You More Today” says it far better than I ever could and that is the next song on the project.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 December 2016 18:27
Tribute Quartet - Here For You PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 December 2016 09:52

Tribute Quartet - Here For You


Click Above To Hear A Sample

Artist: Tribute Quartet
Project Title: Here For You
Label: Daywind
Producers: Wayne Haun

Several years ago, I became acquainted with a group called the Tribute Quartet.  Since that time, I have watched that group develop into one of the most talented traveling the roads today.  Their latest project is titled “Here For You” and it is probably the best yet from the Tribute Quartet.

The title cut starts things off and “Here For You” is a great way to start a project by reminding us that everything we need for life is right there for us in Jesus Christ, our Savior.  The next song on this project reminds the listen that we are never forsaken in the Lord.  It is a catchy tune coupled with great vocals and lyrics.  “Somebody Sing Me That Song” is a beautiful melody that talks of the struggles of this earth but it reminds us of our ultimate destination of Heaven.  A great song from the pens of Lee Black and Sue C. Smith reminding us that sometimes we just need to hear that song about Heaven to give us hope!  I am sure that most of you, at one time in your life, has been the “prodigal.”  I have wandered off the narrow road a time or two in my life and it is always amazing to me that God is waiting for me to come back home.  Tribute Quartet sings a beautiful song about that titled “When The Prodigal Comes Home” next.

The Tribute Quartet is a male quartet and a fantastic quartet song is next with “Meeting In The Middle Of The Air.”  The message is a great one too as it reminds us that one day we will be called to Heaven and we will have the meeting in the middle of the air!  We serve a mighty big God and He is control of our lives no matter what we are facing in life.  The next song on the project is “God Of The Storms” and I love the beautiful message in this song.  Next up is an upbeat song titled “Everybody Come See Jesus.”  It is a bit unique in style compared to the other songs on this project but it is a good song and an enjoyable one as well.

Last Updated on Friday, 30 December 2016 15:08
Mercy's Vessel - He Paid The Price PDF Print E-mail
Thursday, 29 December 2016 09:51

Mercy's Vessel - He Paid The Price


Click Above To Hear A Sample

Artist: Mercy's Vessel
Project Title: He Paid The Price
Label: Independent
Producers: Mercy's Vessel

I spent quite a few years living in eastern Pennsylvania and I still have a special place in my heart for the Southern Gospel groups and artists in that area.  I never met Mercy’s Vessel when I lived down there but I have learned about them in the past few months and I have one of the projects here.  Even though the project has been out for quite a few years, I decided to review it here so that more of you could become acquainted with this trio.

The project begins with “A Wonderful Life.”  This song does a fantastic job of reminding us just what a wonderful life we have when we are serving Jesus.  “God Had A Hand In It” is next on the project and this song reminds us that God has a hand in everything that happens in our lives.  There are times in our lives when it seems like everything is closing in around us but “I’m Holding On” is a great song of encouragement when we face those circumstances.  I always love a good song about Heaven and Fawn Jacobs wrote a good one with “Sweet Blessed Land Of Beulah.”  The guys do a good job of singing it too!

I grew up a huge fan of Heaven Bound and I love to see artists of today record some of their music!  Mercy’s Vessel went back and got one of their best with “We Are Those Children.”  They do a nice job on this old classic.  Next on the project is one of the greatest songs ever written in my opinion.  “Jesus Died So I Won’t Have To” is the song.  Written by Rodney Griffin I have always loved the incredible message of Jesus’ love in dying for us that is in this song.  “The Night That I Got Saved” is a song that will likely make you reminisce about the time that you gave your heart over to Jesus Christ.  Bill Gaither wrote one of the great songs in Southern Gospel Music when he wrote “He Touched Me.”  The song remains one of my favorites and Mercy’s Vessel does a good job singing it.

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