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Written by Scott Evans   
Monday, 09 June 2014 16:58

Brian Free and Assurance


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Artist: Brian Free and Assurance
Project Title: Unashamed

Label: Daywind
Producers: Ricky Free

The name Brian Free has been around Southern Gospel Music for several decades now.  Brian Free and Assurance have been around for several years and the group has been a favorite of mine since they started singing.  They have always demonstrated incredible harmonies and have always chosen great songs to record.  Their latest release is titled “Unashamed” and it is another good one from this talented quartet.

The project begins with an upbeat song titled “God Of Possibilities.”  I love this song as it reminds us that with God even the impossible is possible!  There is no truer statement than that!  As I said, the title of the project is “Unashamed” and the title cut of the project is next on the project.  The message of the song proclaims that we will share the Gospel and live the Truth and we will live for the Cause of Christ, unashamed.  “Tell It Like It Was” is another upbeat song that suggests we preach the message like they did in the old days!  I cannot disagree with that!!!

The next song on the project is “Say Amen” What a great song about the faithfulness of God! Next on the project we find a song titled “He Still Saves.”  I love the message of this song as it reminds the listener that Jesus Christ is still saving souls today through His Precious Blood!  “Evidence In You” is the next song and what I love about this song is how it talks about the evidence of Jesus Christ showing up in each of His Children.  I absolutely love the next song on the project!  It is titled “A Little Bit Of Me And You” and it tells it just like it is!  Everything that a Christian accomplishes is a lot of God and a little bit of me and you!  I love that and it is absolutely true!

The next song is simply titled “One.”  This is another amazing song that tells it like it is!  It talks of how the world would have you think that there are many ways to Heaven but in reality there is only one way and that is through one God and that is Jesus Christ!  “Where There’s A Will, He Has A Way” is a great song reminding us that God never gives you a plan that He does not have a way for you to accomplish!  The song also features Lauren Talley Alvey of the Talley Trio!  The project comes to a close with “Before The After.”  This is a unique song that you have to listen closely to get the message but it is a great one talking of who you are after you meet Jesus!

Brian Free and Assurance is one of the top quartets traveling today.  This project is just one more in a long line of great projects from this talented group of men.  The project has great songs, great production and outstanding vocal presentations of each song.  My favorite songs from this project are “God Of Possibilities,” “A Little Bit Of Me And You” and “He Still Saves.”  This project is a wonderful one and the songs are all very strong ones with tremendous messages.  For more information on Brian Free and Assurance, visit their website at

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