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Matthew Hagee - A New Season PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Evans   
Monday, 09 June 2014 17:07

Matthew Hagee


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Artist: Matthew Hagee
Project Title: A New Season
Label: Difference Media
Producers: Michael Sykes

Matthew Hagee is a name that has been around Southern Gospel Music quite a lot over the past few years.  Matthew is a member of his family’s group, The Hagees as well as a member of the popular quartet, Canton Junction.  Matthew is without a doubt and accomplished singer so it only makes sense that he would release a solo project and a great solo project it is!

The project gets off to a rousing start with “I Don’t Want To Get Adjusted.”  I have always loved this song and the message of it!  It reminds us that as Christians we do not want to get adjusted to living in this world because this world is not our home!  Next on the project is “I Count It Joy.”  This slow melody talks about the Christian who counts it joy to walk with Jesus through the good times and the bad.  Several years ago I remember a song that was quite popular titled “The Day He Wore My Crown.”  I had not heard of or even thought of that song in years but Matthew put the song on this project and it touched me once again.  What an amazing song that reminds us that Jesus died for us!  Matthew sings a great medley next as he takes one of the great, older worship songs in “Sweet, Sweet Spirit” and combines it with one of the greater more current worship songs, “He Is Here.”  Matthew does an outstanding job combining these song into a beautiful, heartfelt medley. 

“This Ain’t Nothing” picks up the tempo once again and I love this song!  The song does a wonderful job reminding us that nothing we experience on this earth will ever compare with what awaits for the Christian once they arrive in Heaven.  The next track on this project is an absolutely beautiful song titled “Back On My Feet Again.”  Many of you will recognize this song as a Michael Bolton song but Matthew does a fantastic job of singing this great song and he also he also gets a little help from his group, Canton Junction.  “That’s Jesus” is a wonderful song reminding us just how much Jesus has done for us in our life. 

Next on the project we find a song that has become a favorite of mine over the past few months.  The title of the song is “He Still Speaks” and I love the lyrics to this song!  It reminds us that even today, God, by His own choice, still does speak to His Children.  I always love to hear a good, classic song and “Until Then” certainly fits that bill!  This classic song is beautifully sung by Matthew and I loved hearing it again!  Another classic song follows with “Had It Not Been.”  What an amazing song this is and I never hear this song without getting emotional thinking about what Christ did for me.  Matthew’s version is outstanding and one of the best I have ever heard for this song.  The final song on this project is titled “My Nomination.”  Matthew delivers an exceptional performance on this song with an incredible message.

Matthew Hagee is an incredibly talented vocalist.  This solo project proves that many times.  Matthew has a great collection of music here mixing some of the old songs with the new and fast song with the slow.  The production is outstanding and the vocals are top-notch all the way. That all equals a very good project!  My favorite songs from the project are “I Don’t Want To Get Adjusted,” “I Count It Joy” and “Had It Not Been.”  In all honesty, every single song could be a favorite.  This is a great project to add to your collection of music!  For more information on Matthew Hagee, visit his website at

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