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Written by Scott Evans   
Monday, 13 April 2015 09:45

Jonathan Wilburn - Years Of Gold


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Artist: Jonathan Wilburn
Project Title: Years Of Gold
Label: Daywind
Producers: Unknown

Jonathan Wilburn is a name that has been well known in Southern Gospel for more than the past two decades. These days Jonathan sings with his son in Wilburn and Wilburn but for several years Jonathan was the lead singer for Gold City, one of the most popular male quartets in Southern Gospel Music.  Jonathan recently released a collection of some of the songs he sang when he was a member of that group.

The project gets off to a rousing start with a live version of "He Said." That was always one of my favorite Gold City songs and this version does a great job of capturing the excitement of that song live.  "I'm Not Giving Up" is the next on the project and this song has a great message to not give up on this earth because we have a great reward coming! One of the big Gold City songs in their history was "There Rose A Lamb" and Jonathan does a wonderful job singing that incredible song! "He Lives" is the next song on the project and what a wonderful reminder that Jesus Christ did rise from the grave and He does indeed live, even today!

Another live song is next with "He Lifted My Burdens Away" and it is a great version of a great song.  "When He Touched Me" is next on the project and what a great reminder of that day that Jesus Christ came into my life and touched me and changed my life forever. I love the next song and the excitement it generates!  The title is "When The Holy Ghost Shows Up (We'll Have Church)" and I believe that I had a little church right here in my office! "Keep Me On The Wheel" is the one song on this project that I was not overly familiar with.  I remember the song but not as vividly as the others.  It is a good song with a great performance from Jonathan.  "The Lamb Upon The Throne" is a beautiful song that Jonathan really shines vocally on!

"It's Been Worth It All" is an up-tempo song that is a great quartet song with a wonderful message as well. Another of my favorite Gold City songs is "I Believe" and I love to hear Jonathan sing it!  It does a great job of spelling out what we as Christians believe in!  If you are going to sing lead for Gold City you will be asked to sing "Midnight Cry" pretty quickly!  Jonathan handles this song with ease and does a fantastic job on one of the great songs about Heaven!  The final song on the project is a rousing, live performance on the old classic "When He Calls (I'll Fly Away)."  A perfect ending to this collection of songs.

I have been a Gold City fan from the moment they began singing!  Along the way, many talented singers have come through the group and Jonathan is one of the most talented!  For many years I enjoyed his singing with Gold City and I still enjoy his singing with his new ministry.  On a collection of favorite songs it is tough to choose favorites but that is what we do here at the SG Music Forum so I have chosen "He Said," "I Believe" and "When He Calls (I'll Fly Away)." All of the songs are excellent on this project and if you are a fan of Gold City or of Jonathan Wilburn, this is a must have project!  For more information on Jonathan, visit the website!

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