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Written by Scott Evans   
Monday, 13 April 2015 18:19

Zane and Donna King - Mile Marker One


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Artist: Zane and Donna King
Project Title: Mile Marker One
Label: Journey
Producers: Donna King

Zane and Donna King have both been around Southern Gospel Music for a while now.  Donna is a well known producer and radio promoter.  Zane is a well known producer and instrumentalist.  Both of them are very talented singers and songwriters as well. This husband and wife team have released a project that has some incredible singing on it.

The project begins with a rousing version of the great, old hymn "Great Is Thy Faithfulness."  Since this is one of my favorite hymns I really enjoyed this song and, of course, there is no denying that God's faithfulness is indeed great! "No One Like God" is next on the project and this song written by Donna and what a great message reminding the listener that God knows us better than anyone else and that just means that we can trust Him even more.  In the mid-1990's Zane co-wrote a song with Charles Isbell that was a number one song in Gospel Music.  The beauty of a great Gospel song is that, because of the message of the song, it will always be great!  The song I am referring to is "Keep Me In Your Will" and I believe that Zane and Donna's version might even be better than the original!  What an incredible song.  What an incredible message.  What an incredible job singing it!  "Shine" was co-written by Donna and Rachel Morgan Perry and I love how this song challenges us as Christians to shine in this world, even when we are faced with adversity!

Next up on the project we find a song titled "Nothing Without You." This song is wonderful reminder that no matter what we might accomplish on this earth in our life, we are nothing without the Lord.  "If There Was Any Other Way" is next on the project and this brings together Donna, Zane and Charles Isbell as the writers.  What a beautiful melody was orchestrated to carry an equally beautiful lyric.  The song reminds us that God knows exactly what He is doing and His plan is perfect. The next song is titled "Hallelujah Jesus Saves." It is an upbeat song that all of the listeners will enjoy!

"Anything" is next up on the song list and this great song is another one with an encouraging and amazing message.  God can do anything and there is nothing that is too big for God.  Next up on the project is "When God Smiles."  Donna and Zane co-wrote this song and I love songs that paints a picture in your mind and this song paints a beautiful picture of the moments on this earth that makes God smile.  What an incredible song. "How Does It Feel To Be Home" was another song written by Donna and Zane to honor their friend and former Southern Gospel Executive, the late Normal Holland.  However, this song will encourage anyone who has a loved one over in Heaven.  The postlude is "Oh Tu Fidelidad/Great Is Thy Faithfulness" and this is dedicated to the children around the world that live in extreme poverty.  Zane and Donna are very much involved in Compassion International and this is a beautiful ending to this incredible project.

As I said both Zane and Donna King are incredibly talented.  They are probably two of the most talented people involved in the industry today.  This project is different from many Southern Gospel Projects you hear today.  It offers a wide variety of styles of music and each and every song has an important and distinct message.  Each song spoke to me on different levels and in different ways and the more I listen to it, the more it blesses.  My favorite songs from this project are "Keep Me In Your Will," "How Does It Feel To Be Home" and "When God Smiles."  Quite honestly, my favorite songs change every time I listen to the project depending on the way the songs speak to me that day.  This project is nothing short of amazing and if you do not have a copy yet, you need to get one!  If this is only the first mile, I cannot wait for Mile Marker Two!!!! For more information on Zane and Donna King, visit their website

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