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Written by Scott Evans   
Wednesday, 15 April 2015 14:34

Nelons - Hymns


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Artist: Nelons
Project Title: Hymns: The A Cappella Sessions
Label: Daywind
Producers: Lari Goss and Jason Clark

Call me old fashioned or crazy or out of touch or whatever else you choose, but I love to hear the old hymns.  If you take those old hymns, put some great voices to them and sing them a cappella, well, that is just about as close to Heaven as you can get here on this earth!  The Nelons have recently recorded a project of hymns and they sing a cappella arrangements of each one.  To make this project even more special, the late Lari Goss, assisted in the production and arranging of the project.

The project starts out with "The Hallelujah Chorus" which might be a bit of a surprising start but it is an incredible arrangement and performance on it and it sets the tone for the entire project.  The next song on the project is a very special song to me.  I remember my mom working around the house when I was a kid singing "Tis So Sweet To Trust In Jesus." While my mom has been in Heaven more than 10 years now and she never sang the song quite as well as the Nelons, this song brings back wonderful memories to me and also reminds me of one of the great Christian truths, that it is very sweet to trust in Jesus.  "There Is A Fountain" is the next song on the project and one of the many things I love about this project is that the arrangements are different, unique and enjoyable but yet, the songs still sound familiar!  This song is a great example of that.

The next hymn on the project is "Hallelujah What A Savior."  That is another wonderful song of worship as most of the old hymns are!  Next up is "Do Unto Others" and this song has a got quite an edge to it and certainly the message of the Golden Rule is one that needs to be repeated time and time again in the crazy world we live in!  One of the great, old hymns is "Pass Me Not." This song has some of the most beautiful lyrics that I have ever heard and the Nelons version is just outstanding in every way.  "Since Jesus Passed By" has been a favorite song of mine for quite awhile now.  It was one of the early songs written by Bill Gaither but what a message!  Jesus Christ will make a difference in your life when He comes into it.  It is an amazing difference and I love the way this song talks about it.

Next up is a medley of a couple of song that I know you sang if you grew up in church!  The medley is "Keep On The Firing Line" and "Onward Christian Soldiers."  I found myself singing along (hey, I am a bass singer and I didn't hear one in there)! It was another great arrangements of songs that brought back some great memories.  Another medley follows that includes "Sweet Hour Of Prayer," "If I Could Hear My Mother Pray Again" and "Pray." Three wonderful songs about one of the most important things we do as Christians; pray!  The project winds up with the familiar "I Need Thee Every Hour." What a great prayer set to music that song is and it is a prayer we all need to pray daily.

I have been a fan of the Nelons since the days of Janet Paschal, Rodney Swain, Jerry Thompson and, of course, Kelly and Rex.  Throughout the years, they have always held true to their Southern Gospel roots.  This project is incredible in every way.  The genius and legacy of Lari Goss shines through in this recording through the arrangements of these great hymns and Jason, Kelly, Amber and now, Autumn all shine vocally.  My favorites from this project were hard to pick but I finally settled on "Tis So Sweet," "Do Unto Others" and "Since Jesus Passed By."  Really though, how do you choose favorites from some of the most beloved songs in Gospel Music.  If you love hymns, or incredible a cappella singing, or tremendous family harmony or impressive, unique arrangements, you should pick up this project for your collection.  If you love all of those things, as I do, then this project will be near the top of your all-time favorite projects in no time at all!  For more information on the Nelons, visit their website at

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