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Written by Scott Evans   
Thursday, 29 December 2016 09:51

Mercy's Vessel - He Paid The Price


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Artist: Mercy's Vessel
Project Title: He Paid The Price
Label: Independent
Producers: Mercy's Vessel

I spent quite a few years living in eastern Pennsylvania and I still have a special place in my heart for the Southern Gospel groups and artists in that area.  I never met Mercy’s Vessel when I lived down there but I have learned about them in the past few months and I have one of the projects here.  Even though the project has been out for quite a few years, I decided to review it here so that more of you could become acquainted with this trio.

The project begins with “A Wonderful Life.”  This song does a fantastic job of reminding us just what a wonderful life we have when we are serving Jesus.  “God Had A Hand In It” is next on the project and this song reminds us that God has a hand in everything that happens in our lives.  There are times in our lives when it seems like everything is closing in around us but “I’m Holding On” is a great song of encouragement when we face those circumstances.  I always love a good song about Heaven and Fawn Jacobs wrote a good one with “Sweet Blessed Land Of Beulah.”  The guys do a good job of singing it too!

I grew up a huge fan of Heaven Bound and I love to see artists of today record some of their music!  Mercy’s Vessel went back and got one of their best with “We Are Those Children.”  They do a nice job on this old classic.  Next on the project is one of the greatest songs ever written in my opinion.  “Jesus Died So I Won’t Have To” is the song.  Written by Rodney Griffin I have always loved the incredible message of Jesus’ love in dying for us that is in this song.  “The Night That I Got Saved” is a song that will likely make you reminisce about the time that you gave your heart over to Jesus Christ.  Bill Gaither wrote one of the great songs in Southern Gospel Music when he wrote “He Touched Me.”  The song remains one of my favorites and Mercy’s Vessel does a good job singing it.

Mercy’s Vessel sings a beautiful a cappella version of the great old hymn “Where He Leads” next.  I always love to hear any of the old hymns and I especially enjoy them with a good a cappella arrangement!  As Christians, I believe that most of us want our life to make a difference.  The next song talks about that with “Let My Life Make A Difference.”  The message is a great one and that should be the prayer of every Christian.  The title song of the project is next as Mercy’s Vessel sings “He Paid The Price.”  What a wonderful song reminding us that Jesus Christ paid the price for each of us and our sins on Calvary.  The project ends with the old classic, “Keep On The Firing Line.”  A great reminder to keep on living for Jesus!

Mercy’s Vessel is a wonderful male trio that I am sure you will enjoy.  This project has twelve songs and they are all done in a traditional style that is sure to please many people.  There is a nice collection of songs, good vocal performances, excellent production and great messages!  My favorite songs from the project are “Sweet Blessed Land Of Beulah,” “Jesus Died So I Won’t Have To” and “He Paid The Price.”  Mercy’s Vessel is a new group to me but I hope this is not the last project I receive from them!  For more information on Mercy’s Vessel, visit their website at

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