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Final Harvest is a ladies trio based in Rochester, NY and they still have dates available for 2017!!!! The message of Final Harvest: God will send to His Church an unquenchable fire. The wind of the Holy Spirit will cause it to burn hotter than on the day of Pentecost, and spread rapidly. It will spread with fury and devour all that is not holy. Then He will send the latter rain, wash away the dross, refresh and make new. The Glory of the Lord will be seen by the entire world and manifested through His Church. There begins the end time harvest.
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WVSG Radio is an Online Southern Gospel Radio Station playing some of the very best in Southern Gospel Music! Click your way over there and begin enjoying the music today!
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Praise Radio is an online radio station out of Spruce Grove, Alberta, Canada. It is owned and operated Byron Fester. The station plays the very finest in Gospel Music, all done to the Glory of God!
Southern Gospel Project Reviews
Elvis Wade - Midnight Cry PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Evans   
Monday, 13 April 2015 08:11


Elvis Wade - Midnight Cry


Click Above To Hear A Sample

Artist: Elvis Wade
Project Title: Midnight Cry
Label: Independent
Producers: Unknown

Elvis Wade is a new artist to us here at the Southern Gospel Music Forum.  Most of the songs in this collection will likely be recognized by most Southern Gospel Music fans and they will likely be enjoyed by those fans as well!

The project begins with the title cut and a very familiar song in Southern Gospel Music.  "Midnight Cry" is one of the great songs in any style of Gospel Music that reminds us of that day when Jesus will come back to call us home.  Another very familiar song is next with "Where Could I Go."  I love that great old song that reminds us that we can go to the Lord with anything we need.  "I Bowed On My Knees And Cried Holy" is another song that has a long history in Southern Gospel Music.  This song about the day we arrive in Heaven has long been a favorite and this version is another good one.

"So High" picks up the tempo quite a bit and this great, old song is always enjoyed.  Next on the project is a song titled "You Raised Me Up."  This song may not be quite as familiar as the previous songs on the project but I am sure you will recognize it and enjoy it.  Next on the project is a song titled "Help Me."  I must admit that I do not know this song but the message is a great one asking God to help us through our life.  "Man In The Sky" is an old song that I had not heard in quite a while.  This is a good version of the song.

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Watts, Rowsey and Bean - Turn Your Radio On PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Evans   
Monday, 09 June 2014 17:12

Watts Rowsey and Bean


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Artist: Watts, Rowsey and Bean
Project Title: Turn Your Radio On

Label: Daywind
Producers: John Darin Rowsey

John Darin Rowsey, Nicole Watts Jenkins and Gina Bean make up one of the newest groups in Southern Gospel Music.  Appropriately named, Watts, Rowsey and Bean, this mixed trio has an amazing sound and one that is surely to please listeners from all over.  The name of the project is “Turn Your Radio On” and whether you are listening on the radio, on the internet, on a CD player or on your iPod, this project is sure to quickly become a favorite.

The project begins with the title cut, “Turn Your Radio On.” Now, I have to admit that I was looking for the old, familiar song in Southern Gospel music when I put this CD in my player but this is a brand new song written by the three group members by that same title.  The song is an upbeat song that encourages all of us to turn our radio on to a good Gospel song.  “Waste Another Day” is a wonderful song that states that we do not want to waste another day without Jesus in it!  I am sure that many of us, myself included, can relate to this song and remember the days that we wasted without Christ in our life.  “I Am Still Your Child” is a song I first heard a few years ago by a group called Hope’s Call.  I loved it then and I still love it!  It reminds us that we are always God’s Child and we can always trust Him no matter what the circumstances of life are.

“He’s In Control” is a wonderful song that reminds us that God is always in control of the circumstances of our life.  It is a great song of encouragement to anyone who is going through a trial in their life.  Another slow and melodious song is next on the project with “Written In The Scars.”  This song talks of how God’s love and mercy and the message of each Christian’s Heart is written in the scars of Jesus Christ.  The fast tempo is back with “When Revival Comes To Town.”  This song is all about what happens when a true revival comes to town!  What a great thing it would be if true revival were to sweep across this nation!  “I’ve Come To Bless You” is next on this project and this upbeat song will become a quick favorite!

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Legacy Five - Great Day PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Evans   
Monday, 09 June 2014 17:09

Legacy Five - Great Day


Click Above To Hear A Sample

Artist: Legacy Five
Project Title: Great Day

Label: Daywind
Producers: Lari Goss

When you begin listing the top quartets traveling today it will not be long before you are listing Legacy Five!  Legacy Five has been traveling and singing for several years now and they have certainly taken their place amongst the very best male quartets in the industry today.  Their latest project is titled “Great Day” and it is another fantastic project from this fine quartet!

The project begins with an absolutely classic song.  It is the title cut of the project and “Great Day” is a wonderful quartet song that the guys of Legacy Five sing to perfection!  The next song on the project is a slow melody titled “Christ Is Still The King.”  What a fantastic song that reminds us that Christ is still the answer to everything in our lives and that Christ is indeed, still the King.  The tempo picks up once again with “That’s A Hallelujah.”  This song talks of the many hallelujahs that God has performed!

“So Many Things” is another song that reminds us of the many blessings that we should be thanking God for.  It is a wonderful song that reminds the listener of the many things in their life they have to be thankful for.  Next on the project is a medley of familiar Southern Gospel Music songs including “What A Happy Day,” “Everybody Will Be Happy,” “I’ll Live In Glory,” “When We All Get To Heaven,” “I’ll Have A New Home,” “Heaven’s Jubilee” and “Everybody’s Gonna Have A Wonderful Time Up There.” It is a medley of great songs that you will enjoy hearing again!  “Only The Living” slows things down tremendously but you will absolutely be blessed by this beautiful song.  It reminds the listener that the only ones who regret the passing of a Christian is those that are still living in this world.  What a great idea for a song and what a wonderful delivery of this awesome message.  The next song on this project is titled “Who Is This Man.”  This song talks of the many men that Jesus Christ was on this earth!

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Matthew Hagee - A New Season PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Evans   
Monday, 09 June 2014 17:07

Matthew Hagee


Click Above To Hear A Sample

Artist: Matthew Hagee
Project Title: A New Season
Label: Difference Media
Producers: Michael Sykes

Matthew Hagee is a name that has been around Southern Gospel Music quite a lot over the past few years.  Matthew is a member of his family’s group, The Hagees as well as a member of the popular quartet, Canton Junction.  Matthew is without a doubt and accomplished singer so it only makes sense that he would release a solo project and a great solo project it is!

The project gets off to a rousing start with “I Don’t Want To Get Adjusted.”  I have always loved this song and the message of it!  It reminds us that as Christians we do not want to get adjusted to living in this world because this world is not our home!  Next on the project is “I Count It Joy.”  This slow melody talks about the Christian who counts it joy to walk with Jesus through the good times and the bad.  Several years ago I remember a song that was quite popular titled “The Day He Wore My Crown.”  I had not heard of or even thought of that song in years but Matthew put the song on this project and it touched me once again.  What an amazing song that reminds us that Jesus died for us!  Matthew sings a great medley next as he takes one of the great, older worship songs in “Sweet, Sweet Spirit” and combines it with one of the greater more current worship songs, “He Is Here.”  Matthew does an outstanding job combining these song into a beautiful, heartfelt medley. 

“This Ain’t Nothing” picks up the tempo once again and I love this song!  The song does a wonderful job reminding us that nothing we experience on this earth will ever compare with what awaits for the Christian once they arrive in Heaven.  The next track on this project is an absolutely beautiful song titled “Back On My Feet Again.”  Many of you will recognize this song as a Michael Bolton song but Matthew does a fantastic job of singing this great song and he also he also gets a little help from his group, Canton Junction.  “That’s Jesus” is a wonderful song reminding us just how much Jesus has done for us in our life. 

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Brian Free and Assurance - Unashamed PDF Print E-mail
Written by Scott Evans   
Monday, 09 June 2014 16:58

Brian Free and Assurance


Click Above To Hear A Sample

Artist: Brian Free and Assurance
Project Title: Unashamed

Label: Daywind
Producers: Ricky Free

The name Brian Free has been around Southern Gospel Music for several decades now.  Brian Free and Assurance have been around for several years and the group has been a favorite of mine since they started singing.  They have always demonstrated incredible harmonies and have always chosen great songs to record.  Their latest release is titled “Unashamed” and it is another good one from this talented quartet.

The project begins with an upbeat song titled “God Of Possibilities.”  I love this song as it reminds us that with God even the impossible is possible!  There is no truer statement than that!  As I said, the title of the project is “Unashamed” and the title cut of the project is next on the project.  The message of the song proclaims that we will share the Gospel and live the Truth and we will live for the Cause of Christ, unashamed.  “Tell It Like It Was” is another upbeat song that suggests we preach the message like they did in the old days!  I cannot disagree with that!!!

The next song on the project is “Say Amen” What a great song about the faithfulness of God! Next on the project we find a song titled “He Still Saves.”  I love the message of this song as it reminds the listener that Jesus Christ is still saving souls today through His Precious Blood!  “Evidence In You” is the next song and what I love about this song is how it talks about the evidence of Jesus Christ showing up in each of His Children.  I absolutely love the next song on the project!  It is titled “A Little Bit Of Me And You” and it tells it just like it is!  Everything that a Christian accomplishes is a lot of God and a little bit of me and you!  I love that and it is absolutely true!

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